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Update: New San Francisco Office - New Homepage

Today a quick update on some happenings around the office(s) here at Nesbitt Research including our San Francisco office opening and redesigned home page. Nesbitt Research is back and better than ever for 2017.

New San Francisco Civic Center Office to Serve West Coast

We opened our new San Francisco office to better serve our friends on the West Coast. Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Civic Center, close to city hall and federal offices, our new California space will bring our clients the fast service and modern free workspace our Washington, DC clients have enjoyed for more than a decade.

New Pricing Model Will Bring Better Value

We are launching a new pricing model this year to better align our consulting work and project management wizardry with our client’s requirements. Featuring precise billing and fix fee caps, we think this will bring better price and precise accountability to all our engagements.

New Home on the Web

We have a new homepage to showcase our new pricing model and our new blog.

We Are Hiring

Check out the jobs tab of our Facebook page for more and spread the word. Your recommendation is by far the best indicator of a successful candidate.

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