Nesbitt & Parrinello Launches 'Accountable Allies' Project with Data for Progress

Nesbitt & Parrinello Vice President Rachael Salisbury, along with co-author and N&P alum Erik Mebust and Data for Progress, launched the Pride Corporate Accountability Project.

Each year companies use Pride to drive up profits in the name of LGBTQ+ people — yet our analysis tracks dozens of the same corporations funding anti-LGBTQ+ legislation across the country.

Read the DFP press release below and see the full project here.

New: Data for Progress Launches Pride Corporate Accountability Project

New research from Data for Progress finds Pride donor Fortune 500 corporations — including AT&T, Enterprise, and Comcast — are simultaneously funding anti-LGBTQ+ legislation across the country.

WASHINGTON, DC — In a new project series, polling firm and think tank Data for Progress released new research showing the political donations of Fortune 500 companies to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians in six states and polling showing that such giving hurts the brands’ favorability.

A majority of likely voters report that knowing about these donations would galvanize action against corporations who donate to anti-LGBTQ+ lawmakers — including AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Disney, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sprint, State Farm, and Walgreens.

Voter approval of national corporations who have donated to anti-LGBTQ+ lawmakers takes a significant hit when voters are told information about their donations. For example, while more than 80% of voters initially have a favorable view of Lowe’s, Walgreens, and Home Depot, less than half of voters hold the same opinion of the companies when informed of their contributions.

Voters' Favorability Decreases When Aware That a Company Supports Politicians Who Sponsor Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills

Data for Progress finds national likely voters say they will take the following actions against these corporations once they hear about these funding ties:

  • 28% of voters say they will spread awareness about the donations.
  • 24% of voters say they will stop buying these corporations’ products or services.
  • 16% of voters say they will tell friends and family to stop buying these corporations’ products or services.
  • 12% of voters say they will volunteer or donate to an organization focused on fighting for LGBTQ+ rights and supporting the community.
  • 52% of voters overall state that they would take one of the above actions.

“The LGBTQ+ community is under assault from far right extremists, and we need our allies to step up,” said report co-author and Data For Progress Fellow Erik Mebust. “Corporations funding these anti-LGBTQ+ politicians have an opportunity to send a message that these attacks are unacceptable by cutting off their financial support. Those that do will march at Pride having done the work of true allies—and those that don’t should be held accountable.”

“Whether they’re being duplicitous or just careless, corporations shouldn’t be allowed to play both sides unchecked,” said report co-author Rachael Salisbury, Vice President of Nesbitt & Parrinello Research. “Most people don’t have the time to sift through hundreds of pages of campaign finance disclosures, but activists and consumers deserve to know when corporations aren’t true to their word. This tool is the first step to holding them accountable.”

Read the full set of resources here.

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