Case Study: Winning the Fight for Our Planet

The science is clear: the time to act on climate is now. With this much at stake, campaigns on climate policy and efforts to force leaders to be climate action-oriented need the world’s best strategic intelligence team. Nesbitt & Parrinello helps our clients understand the influence networks, inflection points, strategies, and battlefields of in the fight for our planet.

Nevadans for Affordable Clean Energy

In 2018, Nesbitt & Parrinello partnered with Nevadans for Affordable Clean Energy in an attempt to turn the tide on Nevada Energy’s monopoly. We identified NV Energy’s broad use of political contributions to stifle competition from green energy providers and widespread instances of financial malfeasance. While the opposition argued Nevadans couldn’t afford energy choice, Nesbitt & Parrinello armed the campaign with studies on the financial and environmental impact of energy choice to debunk the NV Energy-funded propaganda machine.

League of Conservation Voters

Nesbitt & Parrinello has powered wins for the League of Conservation Voters in a dozen campaigns and a major issue action project on climate change. Our strategic research focused on telling the powerful story of today’s climate deniers who honed their skills in the tobacco battles two decades ago. In their “Web of Denial” campaign, LCV used our research to drive the successful message of the link between the tobacco industry and climate science deniers. The campaign included live Twitter campaigns, Medium articles, and other social media pieces to generate massive buzz for the client—all starting with powerful research supplied by N&P.

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