Case Study: Making History for Progressive Women District Attorneys Nationwide

Winning the fight for criminal justice reform and an end to systemic racism means changing the people we trust to administer justice. Learn how Nesbitt & Parrinello is winning the fight for justice by electing progressive women.

Electing Progressive Women Commonwealth Attorneys in Virginia

In 2019, Nesbitt & Parrinello was engaged as part of a national campaign to support commonwealth’s attorney races in Virginia. In what the Washington Post labeled “unprecedented” and a “sea change,” we made two incredible firsts for Virginia: the first muslim woman elected CA (Loudoun County, VA) and the first Iranian woman elected CA (Arlington County, VA). Nesbitt & Parrinello was engaged to support the candidacy of progressive women attorneys including Parisa Dehghani-Tafti in Arlington County. We provided research and fact-checking to support Dehghani-Tafti and her progressive platform, including marijuana reform, voting rights, and police accountability. In a closely-watched election, Dehghani-Tafti beat out incumbent Theo Stamos, who had been the Commonwealth Attorney since 2011.

Electing Progressive Women District Attorneys From Coast to Coast

In 2018, Nesbitt \& Parrinello conducted research in support of 11 progressive women running for district attorney seats across the country. These women strongly advocated for criminal justice reform measures in five states including California, North Carolina, Maryland, Vermont, and Massachusetts, and included San Diego, Marin, Durham, Baltimore, Suffolk, and Berkshire counties.

In Suffolk County, Massachusetts, for example, Nesbitt \& Parrinello provided research that helped elect the first woman and second African American District Attorney. Nesbitt & Parrinello’s work highlighted the candidate’s barrier-breaking career as a woman of color in the legal field, and sharpened her message, which included calls for reducing prison sentences and ceasing the prosecution of certain low-level crimes.

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