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Oppo Optimized - Democratic Opposition Research Firm Introduces Industry Leading Innovations

Updated January 11, 2017, for 2017 Features.

With the new cycle comes more innovative optimizations here at Nesbitt Research. Take a peak at some of our iPad optimized oppo research features for 2015:

  • New delivery platform with two-factor authentication for improved security and to harden against email compromises. You can check to see if your email has been compromised here:
  • All research now ships in iPad optimized format that also works brilliantly well on the PC and Mac. Say goodbye to binders and email attachments (we actually said goodbye several years ago but that is another post).
  • Every cite in our work is linked to the original document in our cloud file share. Did we mention that we said goodbye to binders and giant pdf files?
  • We offer clients free cloud file share with every engagement to power simple, fast collaboration and communication anywhere, on any connected device.

Learn more about these and many other innovative features at www.nesbittresearch.com/ or sign up for the full featured demo here.

If you have innovative ideas about opposition research, please let us know in the comments.

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