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What we Do

Opposition research for progressive candidates and causes.

Integrated Solutions

Opposition Research

Complete opposition research assessments, quotes, analysis and updates.

Defensive Research

Know thy self.

Research Directors

Handle daily research tasks on site.

Rapid Response

Set up and management for rapid response communications.

Fact Checking

Powerful accuracy for powerful communication.


Monitor, record, transcribe. Live stream your opponents.

People Operations Systems

Great spaces and HR inspire great people.

Counter Surveillance

Avoid surprises with physical and digital counter surveillance.

Web & Media Monitoring

Monitor web and broadcast communications, respond quickly.

How we Do it

Agile approach to opposition research delivery.

Lean in All We Do

Cutting-Edge Talent

Full-time staff or a consulting role; top-tier talent to every engagement.

Simple Pricing

Simple hourly billing, cancel anytime month-to-month engagements. Learn more about pricing.

Integrated Research Projects

Deep engagements that include self and oppo research, tracking, clip books and research staff.

Lean Thinking

Always. Be. Improving.

Built for Digital

Escape static research docs with rich content. Accelerate communications with live data, videos, audio, maps, social media feeds and near real-time intelligence.

Online Project Management

Email is dangerous. Simple and secure online project admin.

Small Teams

Small teams. Big impact. Just right project costs.

Agile Management

Faster completion by iterating quickly on client feedback.

"Change always begins with the word."

Hilton Als, The New Yorker. February 21,2015

Meet Nesbitt Research

Nesbitt Research brings sixteen years experience in research on projects up to $200M. Our team has advised more than 300 of America's leading NGOs, labor organizations, and senior government officials. Allen has led lean client service teams to deliver quicker in volatile spaces. Allen's proudest moments were directing 28 successful hiring cycles with cloud powered talent prospecting, selection and onboarding.


About Allen


As the Founder and CEO of Nesbitt Research since 2005, I built one of the most innovative advisory teams in politics. In just three years, we grew the firm to 10 staff and generated annual revenues exceeding $1,000,000.


I am fanatical about innovation in the service of client success. At Nesbitt Research, I transformed political research by integrating cloud based collaboration, communication and workflow ideas adapted from social web enterprises. Our work has won awards and been featured in the New York Times.

History Maker

I have advised NGOs, labor organizations and government officials. Among them I have counseled the first openly gay U.S Representatives from New York, the first openly gay mayor of Lexington, Kentucky, the first black U.S. Representative from Nevada and the first black U.S. Senate nominee from Florida.