Designed For High-Volume Vetting And Strategic Intelligence Operations

Nesbitt & Parrinello is the experienced partner for complex projects in endorsement research, government transition vetting, nomination campaigns, research team design, rapid-response, and counter-disinformation operations for independent and non-profit sector organizations.

The Company We Keep

Candidate Research

Fast Book

\\ 1-2 Week Turnaround
\\ Candidates, Nominations, Government Transitions
\\ Custom Issue Set
\\ High Depth

When you need to know top vulnerabilities, ultra fast. The Fast Book provides a look at noteworthy statements and official positions, legal career, boards, and meetings via news reports; social media scan; campaign finance and contribution analysis; review of land records and personal finances; and pay-to-play assessment against networks and personal finances. Covers key votes reported in the media but does not include primary source key votes analysis.

Five: $62,500
$12,500 each
10: $118,750
$11,875 each
25: $218,750
$8,750 each
100: $750,000
$7,500 each

Research Book

\\ 2-4 Week Turnaround
\\ Candidates, Boards, Nominations, Government Transitions
\\ Custom Issue Set
\\ Ultra-high Depth

Broadest and deepest assessment. Provides a detailed vulnerability assessment including background and due diligence; social and traditional media; employment verification; land records and personal finances; and a detailed assessment of primary source legal records and public acts. The Research Book covers key votes reported in the media and primary source key votes analysis. Suitable as the foundation for the most demanding public campaigns.

Statewide Non-statewide
Five: $137,500
$27,500 each
$22,500 each
10: $261,250
$26,125 each
$21,375 each
25: $550,000
$22,000 each
$18,000 each

Vetting & Threat Assessment Research

Fast Vet

\\ 0-2 Day Turnaround
\\ Donors, Surrogates, Nominations, Government Transitions
\\ Custom Issue Set
\\ High Speed

Vet your friends and identify threat actors with our ultra-high volume scan. The Fast Vet provides a simple, high-speed scan of vulnerabilities, red flags, and major concerns designed for endorsements, large-scale political operations, media production vetting, or where a high-volume of reconnaissance on broad swath of targets is required. Triage social and traditional media, scan criminal and civil records, check partisanship and affiliations.

25: $7,500
$300 each
50: $13,500
$270 each
100: $21,000
$210 each
1000: $180,000
$180 each

Standard Vet

\\ 3-5 Day Turnaround
\\ Candidates, Boards, Nominations, Government Transitions
\\ Custom Issue Set
\\ High Breath

An expedited vulnerability assessment. Includes fast vet plus a deeper look at public record, political affiliations, official positions like boards, agendas, testimony, and meetings.

Five: $22,500
$4,500 each
10: $42,750
$4,275 each
25: $90,000
$3,600 each
100: $270,000
$2,700 each

Tracking & Media Monitoring


\\ Daily publication \\ Customized to your campaign \\ Unlimited recipients

Physically track targets at public (or virtual) events as they happen and feed this intelligence into your research and communications.

  • $750 per day
  • $3,500 per week
  • $8,500 per month

Media Monitoring

\\ Daily publication \\ Customized to your campaign \\ Unlimited recipients

Monitor media and websites for mentions of your targets and campaigns.

  • $7,500 per month

Daily News Clips

\\ Daily publication \\ Customized to your campaign \\ Unlimited recipients

Daily news brief tailored to your campaign and delivered to your team by email.

  • $190 per month

War Room/Virtual War Room Design

\\ Daily publication \\ Customized to your campaign \\ Unlimited recipients

Drive your message and counter disinformation with our war room operating model, staffing model, and specialized talent services to power your virtual communications war room based on your strategy.

  • Build to suit

This is what winning research looks like.

Designed For High-Volume Research Operations

Reduce risk, improve quality, and realize faster delivery times with 100% in-house research production.

Deliver for Your Partners at Scale

Deliver for your stakeholders on time and on budget with our in-house production. From the largest national campaign IE to the largest state level research IE, we are the sought after partner on the most complex research projects.

Unlimited Fact Checking & Support

Impress your stakeholders with best-in-class fact checking and support.

Clarity & Consistency

Realize unparalleled clarity and consistency for your stakeholders by leveraging our modern research and operations technology.

Unlimited Consultation for Your Partners

Our research and support follows each book so you can extend our best-in-class consulting, fact checking, and follow up to your stakeholders.

Fully Custom Scope

Wow your stakeholders with all research on your scope with your brand identity.

Allen Nesbitt founded Nesbitt & Parrinello in 2005.

Allen is the first Black person to lead an opposition research firm in the United States. We are a minority-owned and a woman-owned business. Our firm is over 75% women and our full-time staff is two-thirds LGBTQ. We are listed as a minority-owned business in both the DNC and the DCCC supplier diversity lists and we support the Black Consultant Group here. We strive to provide equal opportunity to all team members and future team members. We believe that extraordinary results stem from the broadest possible diversity of opinions and backgrounds.

Our Team On Your Project


Allen Nesbitt

Founder and CEO (he/him)

Allen Nesbitt is the founder and CEO of Nesbitt & Parrinello, Inc. Allen helps labor campaigns, climate causes, their allies, and senior government officials globally prepare for risks and win campaigns in volatile environments. In 16 years as a strategic advisor, Allen's teams have won multi-billion dollar fights, from better health care that is more affordable to fights to save our planet. Our wins include: the only Indian American in the 113th Congress; the first openly gay U.S. Representative from New York; the first openly gay mayor of Lexington, Kentucky; the first Black U.S. Representative from Nevada; and the first Black U.S. Senate nominee from Florida.

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