Designed to Win IE Campaigns

Speed-up compliance, reduce risk, and improve coordination from board to vendors with our award-winning research, intelligence, and compliance services designed for independent expenditure organizations.



Designed for legal and political approval.

  • Speed compliance with a fully "walled off" IE team
  • Improve approvals with line-by-line, side-by-side, fact-checking docs
  • Get more creative with cites designed as creative content
  • Impress legal with one-click source documentation
  • Own your research via branded deliverables

Research & Rapid Response

Research offerings designed for complex IE campaigns.

  • Research books at IE scale
  • Update and synchronize existing research libraries
  • White-label and branded deliverables
  • Polling memos
  • Custom, dynamic scopes
  • Nomination fights
  • Power mapping and influencer analysis
  • Real-time tracking with AI-powered speech-to-text transcription
  • Ultra-high bandwidth social media monitoring, tracking, and response

Rapid Response Operations Design

Stand up your rapid response operation on time and on budget, in accordance with your strategy.

  • Rapid response operating model design
  • Rapid response staffing model design
  • Decision model design
  • Recruiting, training, and onboarding
  • Physical and virtual command center design and stand up
  • Technology consulting for rapid response operations

Rapid Response Technology Integration

Solve the hard technology challenges on budget.

Social & Press

Ready-made content for press, speechwriting, social, policy.

  • Social content
  • Press pitch content
  • Finance accelerator content
  • Questionnaire writing
  • Policy briefing memos


Get fast creative approval

  • Press-ready content for traditional and digital platforms
  • Data visualizations
  • Leadership-ready presentations
  • White-label and branded deliverables
  • Line-by-line, side-by-side, fact-checking docs
  • Full text documentation
  • Cites matched to each creative element
  • One-click original source documentation

Endorsement & Nomination Fights

Make smart endorsement decisions.

  • Pre-endorsement candidate vetting
  • Custom endorsement scope research
  • Reputational risk assessments
  • Leadership ready endorsement vulnerability briefs
  • Power mapping and influencer analysis
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Overlooked and underestimated... Miami Congressman Kendrick Meek on Tuesday easily beat back a profligate run away with the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.

FWIW, our pollster says this is the best negative they have ever tested.

Our legal team will not approve a single creative without your fact checks.

For IE projects that deal with complex legal and corporate backgrounds, there is really no equal to the intel and documentation Allen and Cristina provide.