Tag - Organized Alphabetically Definition/Explanation
api Asian/Pacific Islander candidate
battleground Campaign in a battleground state/district
black Black candidate
bulk High volume client
caucus Client is a state party caucus/committee
climate Research particularly on climate-related issues or for climate-focused organizations.
corporate Research particularly focused on corporate or business relationships.
covid Research particularly on COVID and the response by government or subjects
first Candidate is the “first” something. Use additional tags for what they are the “first” of.
first_to_birth First Senator to give birth while in office
flip Races where a seat or district was flipped from red to blue
foia Public records requests are a primary element of the research plan
governor Gubernatorial candidates/race
ground ground pull research-heavy
judicial Subject is a judge or judicial nominee
labor Client is a labor organization or research focused particularly on labor issues
landscape Landscape reports
latino Latino Candidate
lgbtq LGBTQ Candidate
maga Research particularly on MAGA candidates
muslim Candidate is Muslim
NE Northeastern Campaign
norcal Northern California campaign
p2p Research particularly on pay-to-play and other corruption.
plains Campaign in the Great Plains
primary Research specifically supported a primary campaign
prosecutor Subject has been a prosecutor or race is for a prosecutor office
repro Research particularly on reproductive rights issues or for reproductive rights-focused organizations.
socal Southern California campaign
south Campaign in the Southern U.S.
uhnw Ultra high net worth candidate
veteran Candidate is a military veteran
war-room War room or research department design or consulting consulting
woman Woman candidate
women Research particularly focused on women’s issues or for women’s issues-focused organizations.