Local Research Experience in Long Island Democratic Primaries

Nesbitt Research performed extensive vulnerability research in Long Island on an incumbent in a county executive race. Our analysis uncovered a clear history of the incumbent flip-flopping on issues including marriage equality and abortion. We combined this with detailed campaign contributions from Republicans to paint our opponent as a Democrat in name only. Nesbitt Research carefully examined local budgets and economies during the incumbent’s tenure and discovered that county debt had increased by at least $450 million, leaving the county with a net worth of negative $5 billion. The incumbent additionally paid government employees inflated salaries. At a time when families across the United States were being hit hard by the worst national recession since the Great Depression, this information proved invaluable. Nesbitt Research’s investigation uncovered corruption and pay-to-play politics after the incumbent increased the salary of a political appointee by 50% following a $40,000 contribution to his campaign. Nesbitt Research’s intelligence powered a devastating message of the incumbent as an irresponsible crony unfit for the challenging economic times.