Providing Strategic Intelligence To Dissect The Anti-Abortion Movement In A Swing State

Helping Clients Assess The Major Financiers And Actors In The Anti-Abortion Movement

In 2022, Nesbitt & Parrinello worked with philanthropic partners to produce a landscape analysis of the Michigan anti-abortion movement, detailing the movement’s financiers, key personnel, and overall strategy. N&P’s inventive use of grantmaking, campaign finance, and personnel data painted a compelling picture of the anti-abortion movement’s strategies, as well as the tens of millions of dollars flowing in and out of the movement. Additionally, our research revealed substantial ties between the movement and extremist groups in Michigan, like the militia members who conspired to kidnap Gov. Whitmer. Using N&P’s research, pro-choice strategists will be able to effectively target the more mainstream elements that may be inadvertently supporting the anti-abortion movement, with the ultimate goal of starving the anti-abortion right of its mainstream legitimacy.