Progressive Victory in Los Angeles Mayoral Race

Overcoming an 11 to 1 Spending Disadvantage to Win for First Black Woman Mayor of L.A.

In 2022, N&P led the research efforts for an IE campaign backing Karen Bass—life-long advocate, former Speaker of the California Assembly and leader of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus—for Mayor of Los Angeles.

N&P research established billionaire developer Rick Caruso as an anti-choice, pro-gun, life-long Republican right before the Dobbs decision and Uvalde shooting catapulted the issues to the top of voters’ priorities. Our research also brought to light Caruso’s catastrophic failures in leadership at the LAPD and USC—including hanging thousands of victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the campus gynecologist out to dry—and highlighted his extensive history of being dishonest and self-serving.

Bass was sworn in as the first Black woman to lead the city of Los Angeles, having won with a nearly 10-point lead. Caruso’s vanity campaign outspent Bass 11 to 1.