Propelling The First Black Senate Nominee In Kentucky History

In 2022, Nesbitt & Parrinello provided full-scope research service for Charles Booker, Kentucky’s first-ever Black Senate nominee from either party, helping him win the Democratic nomination after his narrow loss in 2020 and assisting in his fight against Sen. Rand Paul in the general election.

N&P produced a self-assessment for Booker detailing his commitment to fulfilling his campaign slogan, “From The Hood To The Holler” by consistently pursuing policies intended to help all Kentuckians. Our research also helped Booker prepare for right-wing attacks on his criminal justice and policing record, helping him push back against allegations that he supported defunding the police.

At the same time, N&P produced a comprehensive opposition report on Senator Rand Paul, including his strange ties to Russia, his MAGA connections, and his extreme anti-abortion record. Throughout the election, N&P researchers provided real-time support to the Booker campaign, helping them produce effective and accurate messaging on the most important issues.