Re-Electing The First Female Iraq War Combat Veteran in Congress

And Defeating An Anti-Abortion Extremist

In 2022, Nesbitt & Parrinello provided comprehensive research support for Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s Senate re-election campaign against little-known Republican lawyer Kathy Salvi.

While Salvi’s relatively anonymity could have stymied efforts to define her candidacy, our research provided Duckworth with evidence to tie Salvi to her life-long anti-abortion advocacy and bigoted anti-LGBTQ+ organizations. Our investigations also revealed Salvi’s repeated involvement in questionable financial schemes—including her husband’s use of law firm funds on a previous campaign— and that Salvi’s few publicly stated positions, such as her opposition to medical malpractice suit reform, would have lined her own law firm’s pockets.

Our research also helped catalogue Duckworth’s many accomplishments in the US Senate, including her work delivering billions in relief for Illinois families. Duckworth defeated her Republican opponent by 15 points, making her the first Senator re-elected to the Illinois Class III Senate seat since 1986.