Assisting A Complex Gubernatorial Campaign In Maryland

In 2022, Nesbitt & Parrinello provided a comprehensive self assessment for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Tom Perez in his six-way Democratic primary. Given Perez’s long record of service and his national prominence as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee during the Trump administration, N&P provided Perez’s team with an exhaustive analysis of his record from the federal Departments of Labor and Justice to his service as Maryland Secretary of Labor and Chair of the DNC. Our research documented Perez’s strong pro-labor record and his successful efforts to rebuild the Democratic Party after its 2016 losses.

In contrast, N&P also assessed the record of Wes Moore, Perez’s leading competitor, revealing his long record of Wall Street ties and connections to figures like Harvey Weinstein and Leon Black. N&P also assisted Perez in the selection of his running mate by screening his eventual selection, Shannon Sneed, for vulnerabilities. While Perez narrowly lost to Moore in the primary, he finished second in a large field of heavy-hitting Maryland politicians.