Advance COVID Relief by Landscaping the Austerity Agenda Today

Exposing The White, Corporate Agenda to Undermine Democratic Priorities

A leading progressive economic researcher think tank engaged Nesbitt & Parrinello to further their strategic understanding of the “austerity advocacy” landscape and develop credibility-denying vulnerabilities.

While the key players in austerity advocacy— such as Americans for Prosperity, Fix the Debt, and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget— like to present themselves as nonpartisan, N&P uncovered the funding mechanisms and leadership behind such organizations and proved them to be partisan, hard-right, and Republican. Our firm also untangled the public affairs and legislative strategies of the austerity advocacy movement, which seek to destroy the Affordable Care Act, Social Security, and Medicare as we know them. Armed with this understanding, our client was successfully able to advocate for COVID relief that supported unemployment expansion, economic stimulus, and state and local aid.