Experience Untangling Complex Financial Backgrounds of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Candidates in a U.S. Senate Campaign

Nesbitt Research worked with Kendrick Meek to defeat billionaire Jeff Greene by 26 points, despite being outspent five to one. Nesbitt Research examined Greene’s status as one of the first people to invest in Credit Default Swaps, revealing Greene specifically bet against mortgages in Florida and California. We examined Greene’s vast real estate empire in Southern California, uncovering court records loaded with code violations, liens, and lawsuits accusing him of everything from slander to fraud. In what may have been the beginning of the end for Greene’s credibility, we delved deep into the Russian-language internet to uncover a series of pictures in which an unnamed Greene was pictured with troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan on his yacht. This story quickly went to over 200,000 views as news outlets that do not cover politics picked it up, leading to more coverage of Greene’s party-fueled trips to Cuba and of his month-long cruise with best man Mike Tyson.