Work in the Bay Area & California

In 2010, a U.S. Senate candidate engaged Nesbitt & Parrinello to conduct a deep background investigation of one of California’s richest landowners. Our investigation took us to Los Angeles, Orange County, Florida and the Marshall Islands among other locales. We uncovered a vast array of misdeeds, wild parties, eccentricities of extreme wealth, yachts and damning employment records. Our research led to dozens of unflattering media reports. We were outspent 5-to-1 but were victorious in this Democratic primary.

In 2010, Nesbitt Research conducted research for various clients in the California Senate race and in Congressional Districts 7 (Contra Costa & Solano Counties), 8 (San Francisco), 11 (San Joaquin County), 25 (Los Angeles County), 41 (San Bernardino County) and 49 (San Diego County).