Attorney General’s Race — Missouri (2008)

In the teeth of the 2008 presidential election, Nesbitt Research helped our client’s team win both a heated three-way Democratic primary and a tight general election for Missouri Attorney General. Our client was a sitting state senator, and we detailed his legislative record and analyzed his personal financial records, travel records and pay and perks. We examined the subject’s record as a county prosecutor, examining court records and local news sources to paint a full picture of his successes and failures. The team also relied heavily on our team for rapid response and earned media, using our analysis of campaign finance records to counter opponents’ attacks. The communications team also tapped Nesbitt to detail the records of his two primary opponents, one of whom, our research revealed, had taken money from a tobacco store with a history of selling to kids, while voting against anti-smoking measures. This information, combined with our client’s strong record on children’s issues, gave his team the ammunition it needed to win.