Ryan McInerney

About Ryan McInerney

Ryan McInerney has more than a decade of experience in political research, public affairs, public policy, and strategic communications. In 2016, he served as Research Director and Senior Political Advisor for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) $80 million independent expenditure program. Ryan managed a staff of 15 and played a leading role in directing paid media communications and strategy in 47 U.S. House races across 21 states as well as managing the production of dozens of research books. He worked directly with consultants and pollsters to craft multi-pronged, targeted communications plans consisting of 122 polls, 109 TV ads, 23 radio ads, 143 mail pieces, and 270 digital pieces that localized national issues to connect with persuadable voters. He also worked with attorneys to defend the veracity of the DCCC’s ads, saving the Committee over $1 million.

In 2014, Ryan served as the DCCC’s West Regional Research Director, managing strategic and policy research for over 15 top-tier campaigns throughout the West, including in California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Notably, his team successfully defended every vulnerable Democratic incumbent in California, including picking up a seat, in a cycle where House Democrats lost 13 seats nationwide.

More recently, in the 2018 cycle, Ryan served as Vice President of Campaign Management for JPM&M, Inc., a California-based general consulting and direct mail firm, where he designed and executed strategic communications efforts for PACs, independent expenditures, and candidate clients. He also served as Executive Director for a super PAC that partnered with local California groups on over $200,000 in polling and paid media in competitive Southern California House races. Prior to that, he worked with music industry and education clients for an L.A.-based public affairs firm.

Before joining the DCCC in 2013, Ryan served as the Director of Legislative and Federal-State Relations at the California Institute for Federal Policy Research in Washington, D.C. where he analyzed and communicated nonpartisan research on important issues, such as health care, immigration, the environment, and education, to various state interests.

In 2012, Ryan proudly served on President Obama’s successful re-election campaign as his VP Team Lead for Rapid Response Research, coordinating efforts for a 7-member team and leading rapid response during the VP debate.

Ryan received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine and a J.D. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he focused on criminal justice, including working for the District Attorney, Public Defender, and a federal judge. He grew up in Southern California and lives in Las Vegas with his wife, daughter, and an extremely hyper Jack Russell Terrier.